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6315 Walnut Hill Ln, Dallas, TX 75230
(214) 363-4393


Fri. Dec. 5th CDC Breakfast w/ Santa 8:00am
Sat. Dec 6th Resounding Harmony performance @ Adolphus Chistmas Parade
Sun. Dec. 7th Ministry Team Chairs meeting 11:30am
Tues. Dec. 9th UMM Breakfast @ Denny's 7:30am
UMW Bible Study 7:00pm @ Martha Harris home
Fri. Dec. 12th CDC Christmas Program 4:00pm
Sat. Dec. 13th Angel Tree Breakfast w/ Santa
Sun. Dec. 14th "Night of Miracles A Christmas Cantata" w/ brunch following
Called Charge Conference 11:15am
Mon. Dec. 15th Operations Committee Meeting 7:00pm
Sat. Dec. 20th Bethlehem Center Breakfast
Wed. Dec. 24th Christmas Eve Candlelight Service 6:00pm

Preston Hollow Elementary Angel's

Please return wrapped gifts in a large trash bag with your Angels number attached to the outside of the bag by: Sunday, December 7th. If you have any questions, please call the office @ 214-363-4393

Communion Offering This Sunday...

This coming Sunday, December 7, brings the Sacrament of the Holy Communion to our church's worship. Traditionally we receive a special communion offering; this month the offering will go to the Methodist Children's Home in Waco.

December is when we typically receive a special offering for the Children's Home that this year celebrates its 125th anniversary.

Founded in 1890 as an orphanage, Methodist Children's Home now has offices in 12 major cities in Texas and New Mexico. While it began as an institution offering custodial care to orphans, now the Home has developed into a multifaceted childcare agency serving children, youth, and families from the hard places in life.

Using the special offering envelop in your bulletin, we hope you will be generous as we support an outstanding cause and mission in our church.


Order Now!!!

Order your poinsettia's in Honor or in Memory of a friend or loved one. Order forms will be available Sunday, or call the church office @ 214-363-4393

"Night of Miracles"

A Christmas Cantata

Join us at 10:00 am, Sunday, December 14th, as The Chancel Choir presents our annual Christmas Cantata, "Night of Miracles."

Through the reading of Scripture and singing of anthems, we will hear, once again, the most wonderful story ever told... the magnificent account of the sacred birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ....truly, a Night of Miracles!

The Bible for a Year...

An excellent opportunity has come to us through our Bishop. Bishop Mike McKee has invited all of the friends and members of the United Methodist churches in the North Texas Conference to join together during the coming year to read the Bible together.

The plan is this: we shall read one chapter of the Gospel of Luke through the Book of Acts each week. Luke and Acts, of course, were both written by Luke. This means you will find the same style of writing throughout both books.

We start this week with Luke, Chapter 1. Each week we will continue with the next chapter. When we finish the Gospel of Luke, we will continue the next week with Acts, Chapter 1. By the end of the year, around Christmas time, we will complete both books and will find ourselves enriched by personal intentional faith development.

I want you to join me, our Bishop, other Preston Hollowites, and other Methodists across the conference in this spiritually enriching endeavor.


See you in church on Sunday.

New Officers Begin December 1...

New officers, committees, councils, boards, etc. were recently elected by our annual Charge Conference on October 12.

All of the new officers will begin serving on December 1.

Watch the newsletter/Sunday bulletins for meeting dates and times.

Called Charge Conference, December 14...

As you may know already, a Called Charge Conference will meet on Sunday, December 14, following morning worship that will feature the Chancel Choir's cantata, "Night of Miracles."

Dr. Cammy Gaston, our District Superintendent, will preside at the conference that is called to receive the report of the Study Committee regarding recommendations for our program, outreach, and building. A Charge Conference is comprised of the members of the Church Council plus the District Superintendent or another Elder she designates to conduct the meeting. We look forward to welcoming Dr. Gaston on Sunday and to moving forward to the next phase of our church's life.

Advent-Christmas-Epiphany Sanctuary Adornments...

The Worship Team and other friends have done an outstanding job of decorating our church and sanctuary for the seasons underway now and upcoming.

For the first time this year, a special dossal will adorn the sanctuary in the space where the beautiful tapestry hangs. The tapestry will still hang where it always does, but during Advent, Christmastide, and Epiphany, the dossal will overlay the tapestry and will display symbols of the seasons for this special time of the year. Be on the watch for this beautiful addition to our church

Christmas Eve Is Coming...

During Advent we anticipate the birth of the Savior, an event we celebrate every December 24th. At 6:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve, we will gather in the sanctuary for a service of Carols, Candlelight and Holy Communion.

The service is being designed to be very user-friendly for families and children in terms of liturgy, the length of the service, and the content.

You will receive an offering bag by mail for your Christmas Eve Special Offering that targets the desperate need for clean water all over the world. Watch for your letter for more details.

Please set aside this time on Christmas Eve to gather with your family of faith. Invite a friend to share the service with you.